We’re Baaaaaaack! And We’re Having a Sale Too!

That’s right, Space Possums! We’re BACK! We’re LIVE! And to celebrate this glorious turn of events we’re having a 20% Off SALE through January 2, 2017!!

So, to begin with, things are still in a work in progress stage with the Forum and other bits, but the online store is live, the RPGNow! shop is live, and so is our new and much improved (and improving!) website! In the coming weeks we’re going to keep piling in the content, and picking up as best we can from the loss of our previous site that served us so well for so long, keeping the flame burning for Silent Death!

So let the word go forth! Let your friends, colleagues, best frenemies you love to blow to atoms over a game of Silent Death, and random strangers alike know that we’re back, Silent Death is still kickin’ it, and to make things even crazier, we rediscovered some lost treasures that have us dusting off an unpublished manuscript, and starting up some very serious machinations to build upon the trend started by the successful release of Bladestorm! 2nd edition, and bring out the first new Silent Death product in over a decade!

So without further ado and just in time for the holidays, here’s the sale code to use on checkout:    sdgrandreopening

Well don’t just stand there, people! Grab yer helmets and scramble!