Welcome to the Official Silent Death: The Next Millennium Gallery! Here is where photos of painted ship miniatures, photos of actual games being played at conventions and elsewhere in the multiverse, original kitbashed models of ships and terrain, and other fun things like fan art and such will be posted for your viewing pleasure! So bear with us as we get things moving along, and for now, here’s a few samples of what’s to come:






And for your viewing pleasure, a selection of kitbashed proxy warhounds made from everything from empty plastic bottles to travel containers for men’s razors. We begin with a civilian space freighter made from a travel size shampoo bottle, assorted plastic rhinestones from the craft store, and some cheap plastic Christmas ornaments:




Next, is one of a pair of Totenkopf class battle destroyers for House Colos made from plastic travel containers for men’s razors, assorted plastic rhinestones, a skull and crossbones pendant from the craft store clearance aisle (I find a lot of goodies in the clearance aisle!), barrel clasps for making necklaces for the gun barrels, and some after market decals from a wonderfully reliable seller on EBay (globaltoy):




And of course, finishing up this installment, the classic proxy warhound model, a destroyer class vessel made out of an empty deodorant container, salvaged electronic parts, the lids from a box of chicken broth, and other bits:



Next up: Making Terrain for Your Silent Death Battles – Asteroids, Hidden Bases, and Things Orbital