From the merry band of interstellar swashbucklers here at Metal Express to all of you devoted fans of Silent Death, we wish you all a New Year where all of the hits in your life are crits on your opponent’s ships (and your opponents are flying Draconian Microraptors)!

We thank you all for your loyal support of our endeavor to Keep ‘Em Flying across the stars of Terran Space! We plan to tackle some new milestones for this classic game as the new year unfolds, and we welcome you all to stay in formation with us as we race forward into 2018! We’ll need playtesters and feedback, shared talent with a paintbrush, and our enthusiasm aplenty for Silent Death to bring a new 3rd edition Core Rulebook into being, finish putting the Night Brood in their proper place as the Carnivorous Psychic Cockroaches of the Known Universe, and seeing if we can get the impressive 3 to 1 scale resin ships back into production. All ambitious goals, but we think we can do it, so with all the foolhardy courage of the legendary Sigurd Ace of Grimmnar’s Saga, we’re going to throw ourselves in against the odds, that our deeds might please Odin Allfather and assure us a seat at the table in Valhalla!

So grab your flight helmets and saddle up, people! This is not a drill! All pilots, to your ships!

Death or glory! Launch!

(3 to 1 scale Revenge model)