It’s the Annual House Colos Holiday Turducken Shoot! (and That Means a SALE!)

Every winter as the old year is in its final weeks on Colosia Prime, the Colosian aristocracy bid farewell to the old year and celebrate the coming new year with their annual Turkducken Festival. This is a very Colosian period of celebration, with much merrymaking, joyful family gatherings, feasting, and “unfortunate accidents” and a few cases of “bad luck” involving too much champagne and balconies on high rise buildings.

The pinnacle of the celebration is the opening of the annual Turducken Shoot held in Duke Colos’s personal game preserve. There the best, brightest, and most fearless members of the top Colosian aristocratic families lay aside their differences and together hunt the native Turducken to be the centerpiece of the traditional holiday feast. To commemorate this august tradition of festive cheer and dagger-in-the-back enhanced family gatherings, we’re launching our first annual House Colos Turducken Festival Sale!

All miniatures in our Metal Express webstore are 20% off. Just use the following code at checkout to do your part to help celebrate this fine old Colosian tradition (and do so without risking any “hunting accidents” that more than a few Colosian bluebloods succumb to each year):  turduckenshoot2017