Latest From the Backnet… A FALL SALE!!!

Long past time for some catch-up before Fall is formally upon us! So. Let us begin… with a FALL SALE!!! Yup. 20% off through October 31, Midnight, PST!! So now is the time to build up those squadrons, replenish the ranks, and make life Hell for your noisy neighbors in House No-Good-So-in-So!! Just use the following code when you check out: ¬†fallsale2017

In other news, we’ve added a half dozen kitbashed escort vessel models to the store as well. Two of each of a corvette, frigate, and destroyer built and finished ready to serve your House to defend its territory or go raiding your neighbors for loot and glory! Here’s a sneak peak at these fancy painted terrors of the void:



Yes, space possums, these are all my doing, and I will gladly spill the beans about what inspired their racy paint jobs and how I bashed them all together on the Forum, don’t you all worry! Now, for a quick update…

To begin with, Life as you can all well imagine, got firmly in the way of life for both Sheldon and I. We both wear some very real world professional hats, and they will be served as surely as Darwin expected his bangers and mash for breakfast on time and done correctly.

That being said, we have not been as completely idle on the Silent Death front as our radio silence these past months would indicate. I have managed to snipe away at the next iteration of the Night Brood update based upon playtester feedback. I am a Colosian rat’s whisker away from having a workable set of new rules governing everybody’s favorite galactic juvenile delinquents, the Night Brood Gammas! So stay tuned on that front for the heads up from the Night Brood hive mind…

Besides bashing out those custom new escorts, I have been researching sources for good quality space combat hex mats. Quite simply, I need a replacement for my much abused, long serving original official Silent Death cloth mat made by Geo-Hex so long ago when the Terran Empire was still in its infancy. I will be adding links to these various makers of fancy mats to our Links section shortly.

Some progress also on the reworking of the Core Rules Ship Design System; it’s really just a matter of fiddling with the numbers a bit more, then reworking the Core Ship display sheets. This is a task that I have long wanted to see to completion, as it has never sat well with Sheldon or I that the Core Ships did not line up with the published design system. We are aiming for consistency, however we are also aiming squarely at keeping as much of the quirky flavor of the original Core Ship designs as possible.

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge some very devoted and talented fans of Silent Death who in the past year have jumped on board out of sheer love of this classic game to lend their time and talents to stoke the flames!

We really do appreciate the efforts of Timothy Sung and his Magnificent Flying Marsupials down in Australia, who took it upon themselves to pick up Silent Death and promote it down under. Other individuals have done the same up here in North America, and we have a splendid supporter in Denmark (Thank you, Steen!) who keeps the flame burning in Europe. We really do appreciate all of you helping us keep this classic game alive and kicking!

As you who lurk and participate in our Forum already know, the master painter and artist who is the man of mystery behind Third Fate Creations has joined our forum community with his considerable talents. Callsign: Karpav1 has established himself in the Techniques section of the Forum under Karpav’s Painting Blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you are in for a treat, as the man is a master artist, photographer, and experienced gamer who knows how to get the most out of a gaggle of Mk. 10 torpedoes!

So don’t just sit there, space possums! Kick those tires and light those fires! It’s time to launch!